Dr. Simeons' hCG Protocol as a means to address body image and emotional eating.

Even if you have hundreds of pounds to lose, in order to stop anxiety that promotes impulses to over eat, it’s imperative you change the beliefs that influence internalized shame about your body. The idea is to dissolve “body images” that promote disordered eating. Ultimately, losing fat shouldn’t create anxiety, excitement, euphoria, power, superiority, or increased pressure to diet and restrict.

Dissolving body images associated with “Thin(ner) Supremacy” needs to occur prior to considering the hCG protocol.

Dieting for the purpose of body image is counter-productive to recovery because of the increased strain created between survival needs to “belong” and survival needs to secure with food. Perceived threat to the access and security of food promotes relative deprivation, resulting in the urge to 1) entitle the reward of fat loss, and 2) entitle the reward of food. These issues should be addressed and resolved before attempting Dr. Simeons’ hCG protocol.

When the hCG protocol is approached, NOT as a diet but as a medical hormonal protocol, the risks of disordered eating are significantly less. The protocol is meant to be followed temporarily, and the goal is to integrate back into eating without anxiety, shame, stigma, fear, and cognitive distortions that stem from fears of fat gain. For this reason, the hCG protocol is NOT recommended until significant work has been done to dissolve the “body-image survival syndrome.”

Once recovered from the desire to lose weight, the idea is to recover from the narcotic high of losing fat as well as the fear of regaining so that FULL recovery can be experienced. Dr. Simeons' hCG protocol gives the body a chance to heal, and allows for a complete dissolution of body images that might promote eating disorders.

A User's Guide to Dr. Simeons' hCG Protocol Through the Mind:Body Method

This is the workbook we use in our clinic to help our patients do the hCG protocol.

Included in the workbook is:

  • A modern explanation of how the protocol works during both first and second phases. As well as a functional approach to eating for life.

  • A daily log for both first and second phases.

  • Answers to common questions and concerns.

  • A shopping list and recipes.

COST: $44.50


    COST $44.50